Friday, January 18, 2008

My double date tonight

"Mom, can I take Sarah to the movies, pleeeaase?!" Adam obviously really wants to take his girlfriend somewhere. The problem is that he's only 12 and I don't trust 12-year-olds! Sorry if that offends anyone because I'm sure there are great pre-teens out there whom are completely trustworthy. However, I let my son know that I would NOT be dropping him and Sarah off at the movie theater and leaving them! I did, however, agree to chaperone this little "date." I am now asking myself why I agreed to this....Oh yeah, I love him and want him happy, just not alone with his girlfriend at the movies. Therefore, Shawn and I have a movie date tonight (yeah, I suckered him into it too!) with Adam and Sarah. This should be a really interesting or really boring post depending on the night, no in between! LOL

We are going to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Then, either tomorrow or Sunday night (since school is out Monday for Martin Luther King Day), I am taking Aurea to Barn Lot Theater. It is a little local theater one county north of here, the local Drama class is performing High School Musical. It may not be the original cast, but she's just as excited to go see it! I bet it will be fun.

Yes, I have a very busy weekend scheduled. There are three reasons for this:
1. I now only have my children every other weekend instead of every weekend so I want to make the most of the weekends we are together.

2. Any excuse to get out of the house works for me. I love my parents, but I already miss having my own place/space, so a chance to go somewhere is very appealling!!

3. The birthday party and theater performance just happened to fall on the same weekend. Actually, the drama class is doing it next weekend too, but Aurea will be with her dad.

Also due to these reasons, if I have more posts about going out on my own, you'll understand why. One weekend is about me and the kids, the following is about me and my friends since my kids will be gone. :(

P.S. Yes, the tooth fairy came on time. Wow, with three adults in the house instead of one, some things are actually easier to remember!


Heather said...

Who gets to pick the movie? Maybe you can find a show that you want to see that starts about the same time as one that they want to see. Then, you really aren't dropping them off, and they don't have to feel like you are watching their every move (although you may want to do that).

Lucille said...

Hey there! I've been MIA way too long - when did you get MUSIC on your page? Very neat!

I'm anxiously awaiting to hear how the double date went!

Good to see you again!


Damama T said...

Lucille's not the only one whe has been MIA too long! HI SWEETIE!

I totally agree with your plan to stay in the same theater with them. For me, 12 is still way too young to be dating anyway. Setting his expectations now is a great idea.