Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't make your sister see stars!

"Bubby, will you play school with me?" Aurea gleefully asked Adam to play with her. Since he is 12 and doesn't even like real school, let alone pretending he's in school, he rolled on the floor laughing at the mere idea of him playing school with his 'baby' sister! Then, she said the words to light up his face, "You can be the teacher, please bubby." A light went off and the look on his face was one leaving me going, "OH NO, please...."!

He leads her to her room and they start playing school. It starts off calmly enough and I think something's wrong, what is he teaching her? Then, I hear, "Okay Aurea, just stand up here in this chair..." So I run to her room just in time to stop her from jumping off the desk (it's an old fashioned school desk so it was actually the chair she was standing in, she hadn't made it to the table part yet!). What in the world...."I'm teaching her about gravity mom, duh!" Oh no you don't, no more gravity lessons!

They start playing nicely. Danger and injury avoided right? Wrong, I hear a huge THUD!! I can't really describe the sound, but it was not one a parent wants to hear. Aurea had jumped (with a little coaxing) off of her bed and into the hardwood floor head first! Luckily, there was a pillow in the floor and she hit her head on the pillow and not the actual floor!

"ADAM, I said no more gravity lessons!" "Oh no mom, I was teaching her about astronomy!" Not sure if she was supposed to be flying into space or seeing stars after knocking her head off, but it was anything but an astronomy lesson!

I finally kicked Adam out of her room and continued playing school with Aurea, HER way!!!


Kati said...

that is so funnY....well maybe not FUNNY FUNNY...but a great story to remember. What cute kids.

onthegomom said...

Ahhh boys are so fun.

My daughter calls her brother Bubby, too!!! That was the 3rd word she said when she was a baby. And they both are still her bubbies, 10 years later. So cute!

Southern Boy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I try to visit other blogs and save the ones I like and hopefully it shows on your adsense. My daughter has her daddy right where she wants me she don't have to wait on the toothfairy for nothing just show me those big blues eyes and add a tear and I'm done. I try to be a good dad but its hard not to spoil them.

Lisa said...

Aren't big brothers just the best. lol
Glad she survived the lesson.
Did the tooth fairy make it to your house when she was supposed too? She quite often comes late here. lol
My 6yo asks me about every other day when she's going to start losing her teeth. Most of the other kids in her class have already started losing them.

Damama T said...

Makes me so glad my boys were out of the house before we got Daughter. I can totally see Twig doing something like that! Hope her noggin's doing OK now.