Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have an editor

I mentioned before that I was working on a book about Multiple Sclerosis that has been several years in the making. I finally reached a point where I was ready for an editor. The good news, I found one! Thank you Damama for your help, your links and advice truly paid off. I now have an editor and she sent my first round of edits to me yesterday. Some of them are simple clarifications and/or revisions and some will entail some more work. Regardless, this dream of mine is finally coming to light. I am extremely excited about how things are coming together. A couple more rounds of editing and I'll be ready to submit to a publisher. If anyone has any suggestions on this other than randomly sending my manuscript to every publisher in the country, it would be greatly appreciated. Either way, I am really happy and glad to see my hard work is finally paying off. Thank you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My job

I finally landed a job I love in September. I am now working at the University of Kentucky in the Undergraduate Education research department. My supervisor is a wonderful woman who is not only easy to get along with, but also understanding about family life. She is willing to work with me on meetings and appointments during the day. Although my position is temporary, it is guaranteed until Dec. 2009. Hopefully, it will become permanent in July when the new Fiscal budget comes out and the department grant is renewed. If not, I will be eligible for other positions within the university. Regardless, I finally have a gym membership where I take Yogilates, dental insurance (my wisdom teeth come out Dec. 12) and vision insurance (I get glasses next week). I hope to stay here for years to come and I am finally able to be proactive about my health. Now just to get permanent so I can have health insurance!

On a personal note, Adam turned 13 on Halloween! I am now officially the mother of a teenager! He acted like one before then, but now it's official. We went haunted housing to Nightmare Haunted House, Trail of Terror, and Terror on Tates Creek. The first and last were great, the middle was a huge waste of time and money. Regardless, we had a blast. Nov. 1st I threw him a surprise party at the house with an Ohio State theme (his favorite football team). Three of his friends stayed the night and they had a great time playing football and XBOX 360.

Aurea is getting ready to turn 7. Hopefully, I can update again before her birthday, but we are having her party on Dec. 6th. She is really excited about the party. She is also on the academic team at school and starting Upward Cheerleading in December.

We have had some family issues since moving back, but I won't get into my dysfunctional family issues. All-in-all, we are doing well. I love my job and Lexington and the kids are doing great.