Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy belated holidays

Okay I'm really behind. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have been housesitting without internet for most of my time off of work! However, we had a very nice break. One advantage to working at a university is being able to have a week and a half off of work for the holidays.

The kids really enjoyed it, especially sleeping in and staying up late every night. Adam got the Harry Potter six-disc DVD collection for Christmas, so one day was nothing but a Harry Potter marathon. Aurea got a DSi and Wii Fit. Needless to say, she was extremely occupied.

The three of us took turns playing on the Wii Fit and I certainly got my workout. I guess it's what you make it (like most anything these days), but I certainly have been getting my daily workouts by using it. After the first three days I was extremely sore. The best part is that I enjoyed it and I hate to exercise!

Our New Year's Eve was pretty boring. Adam was with his dad so it was just me and Aurea. She decided to watch Disney's New Year's Showdown while I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show where the ball dropped in Times Square. That's it, just television for us. At least I got to spend midnight with my daughter, but it was a quiet and uneventful evening.

I would love to say so much about our exciting adventures and everything we did over break, but that didn't happen. What did happen was a lot of catching up on sleep and favorite television shows, playing the Wii and DSi, and seeing family. While it might not have been eventful, it was peaceful and relaxing. I was really glad for the break.

Unfortunately, it made it extremely difficult to get up and going this morning. The 13 degree temperature and snow falling on this cold, dark morning did not help our spirits any either. Thankfully, Monday (at least the workday part of it) is about over and hopefully the rest of the week will be much easier.

I hope everyone else had a good break. Enjoy 2010!