Saturday, September 22, 2007


I feel so good. I worked hard cleaning this house today, no big deal right? Yeah, it's usually one of those have to things I never get credit for. Anyway, tonight Adam told me the house looked awesome and Drew came over and looked around and just said "Dang!" Awwww, thank you guys. It's nice to actually have little things noticed sometimes.

Last night, Shana took Adam, Drew, and Tiffany to City Limits. It's this little place in town that hosts dances for middle school students every Friday night. It's like a club, but it's only for kids in local middle schools and it's chaperoned so it's great for the kids. I went and picked the kids up at 10 p.m. after the dance. They were going nuts! Talk about girlfriends and boys and everything, it was crazy. I feel old! My Friday nights have been reduced to picking up pre-teens from a dance and listening to gossip on the way home! Oh well, the kids had fun and it's all part of being a parent right?!

Nobody reads these so I don't guess it matters what I say, I'm just bored and lonely and sitting home on a Saturday night. I got to go out a couple of weeks ago so I guess I really shouldn't complain. It just stinks. Amber moved to Florida and I don't have a lot of other friends here. Sure I have plenty to call and say hi, but none to really talk and hang out with. I really need to make friends here, but it's hard. I work all week and then stay home with kids all weekend. Even if I don't have kids, I really don't want to go out on my own. I know, strange I guess.

I'm really okay, I just get in moods. Blame it on the BPD!! The joys of mood swings and depression. I do okay most of the time, but sitting home alone typing on myspace really doesn't help lift my mood. We're going to church tomorrow so hopefully getting out of the house other than grocery shopping or work will help. I guess that's it since I'm starting to ramble. If anyone actually reads this, thanks for listening.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Okay, I know I'm no Dawn Meehan, so I don't expect 600 comments on each of my blogs. However, one on the first one would have been nice! Oh well, I'm just getting started and doubt anyone has even read the first one yet.

Anyway, after re-reading the first blog I realzed I just jumped right in. If anyone does read this, I better introduce myself. My name is Kathy and I am 29-years-old. I am a single mother of two beautiful children, ages 5 and 11. I live just outside Lexington, Kentucky and love the area. Unfortunately, I must work a full-time job outside of the house to support those two growing children. I suppose you will learn more about me with time if you continue reading.

Last night I hung out at my friend Shana's house. Her husband, Shawn, just bought them a new fire pit and was very excited about having a fire last night. It was very smoky, but nice, especially once it got dark and the temperature dropped.

Before it got dark, my daughter decided to talk to the "big" boys, you know those 11 and 12 year olds throwing the football, lol She ran right up to one of them mid-catch and he got hit by the ball! Poor thing, I don't know what got into her, you don't run up to somebody getting ready to catch a football, but she is 5! Thankfully, he was not hurt.

I'm fortunate to have a neighborhood full of nice neighbors. When it is not cold and raining, we all sit outside and gossip and watch the kids play. It's great!!

Aurea's open house at school the other night was cute-- she learned the Months Macerana (yes it's the macerana dance, but they sing to the months of the year) and we did scavenger hunt and bookfair. Of course, she bought the story of Miley Cyrus. What is it with that girl, Aurea loves her and so does Adam! Guess I should be glad my kids actually have something in common! lol Aurea got a note from her music teacher saying she is the best singer in class. Awwww, she certainly does not get that from me!!

Well I guess that's it for now, I try to be creative, but I'm tired at the moment. More to come...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Too funny

We were at my mom's house this weekend and my son, Adam, found a pair of black heels lying in the floor. Now I don't know the exact words, but he asked my mom who they belonged to and said they were hot! When she told him they were his mom's, he said something to the effect of ewww mom's not supposed to be hot! They can't be her's. Too funny, so because I'm a mom I can't wear "hot" shoes?! Now come on, I'm not exactly old (even though he tells me constantly that I am -- I guess when you're 11, anything over 20 is old!). And I know I'm not the sexiest woman on planet Earth, but I would like to think I can be a little hot!

Okay, so as I mentioned in the previous blog, I took the kids out to eat Sun. night. I gave Adam a list of places and he picked Chili's, which is great with me, he likes spicy stuff too so it was good. Aurea, my daughter, just gets kid's meals anyway. So we're talking about different issues. Anyway, we somehow got to the topic of my love life. Now I understand he should have input to an extent, after all, he's going to be around anybody I date seriously but he does not get to pick and choose. Well he tells me I need to find somebody new who is a "good guy." Yeah, that helps!! And those are just lining up on my doorstep right? lol So then he decides I need to ask out the waiter. When I told him no he said I was a wuss (I think that's how you spell it). I'm not a wuss for not asking out our waiter, I just don't know him, I'm not attracted to him, and I'm not interested I say. Wait a minute...why am I even telling him anything, he's 11 for crying out loud! He doesn't pick my dates. I think I'm capable of finding someone without the help of my son thank you very much. At least he cares enough to look out for his mom, but this whole conversation was just way tooooo funny! Besides, call me old fashioned, but I think the guy should ask the girl out anyway...

Whatever happend to men asking women out, holding the door for them, etc.The carriage riders in Nashville looked excited and romantic sigh!! I guess that's too much to ask, but I'll stick to looking for myself...

On another note, Nashville amazes me. If you have a couple drinks and walk down the street in Lexington, you're likely going to get arrested for public intoxication or at the very least get a nice warning for being drunk in public. Not in Nashville, people were walking down the sidewalks while drinking with beer bottles in hand clearly visible and the police sitting right on the other side! Go figure. Wonder if there is some unwritten law in Nashville...more likely I would say there are just so many people they figure it's not worth the effort. It was just hillarious all the things people were doing right in front of the cops!