Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funny things my daughter says

Me: Come on we have to go to the store to pick up a few things. Her: Mommy, can I please stay home by myself? I'll be good and not make a mess! Me: No honey, you're too young to stay home alone. Her: You always have to be older to do everything! Me: I'm sorry honey, but don't wish your life away. Her: Well, I just want to get 16 and then stop. I don't want to be an adult and pay bills and stuff!!

In a recent school unit, they studied about Rosa Parks and Aurea discovered Rosa was born in 1913. She informed the teacher that she had a Granny who was born in 1913, but she died in 2009. The teacher later asked me if she was right - and she was! Then Aurea asked if Granny knew Rosa Parks! LOL I seriously doubt that!!

Her: Mommy, how old is Debbie? Me: Debbie who? I don't know a Debbie. Her: You know, little Debbie - from the snack cakes. Me (looking bewildered): I have no idea. After some internet research, apparently Debbie is Debbie McKee-Fowler who was 4-years-old in 1960 when her face became the Little Debbie logo. Therefore, she would now be about 50 (or 51 depending on her birthday - I couldn't find that).

My daughter has asked about many other things that seemingly came out of nowhere or made me wonder where in the world she comes up with this stuff! I can't think of them all right now, but I know there are many.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

French toast anyone?

Some co-workers and I were outside talking earlier and joking about French toast. No, not because we love French toast so much. We were actually laughing at the local school system for dismissing schools two hours early today for a "proposed snowstorm" later this evening. In other words, it is not snowing now and there is no snow on the ground, but they are expecting it later. Therefore, the schools decided it made sense to simply close early. I don't see the logic in this. However, everyone is now running to the grocery to pick up the essential items -- bread, milk, and eggs. You know, the ingredients for French toast! Amazing how a little bit of snow (or lack thereof) suddenly makes everyone want French toast. Okay, so maybe that's not why they buy these items, but it certainly was an entertaining discussion.

I've been re-reading old posts today and some of them were really beneficial. Other posts brought one thought to mind: The more things change, the more they stay the same. I feel like I could simply do re-runs of my posts from 2007 when I was moving back home to live with my parents. Guess what? I'm moving back AGAIN in March! Due to family issues and my job ending soon, it seems like the logical solution. Unfortunately, it does not shed a positive light on my life or the fact that I'm right back in the same place I was a little over three years ago.

I have made many friends in Lexington this time around, so it's going to be even harder to move again. Plus, Aurea is in third grade now versus kindergarten when we last moved. I keep trying to point out the positive aspects (being closer to family, no more school uniforms, etc.), but it still really hurts.

On the bright side, I am seeing a great guy from there so it means more time together and I will have more help with being a single mom. I will also be better able to handle Adam's 15-year-old issues he's been struggling with over the last few months. It has been very exhausting. Since I found out my job was ending, I have been looking for a new one. I'm not sure if it's the economy or the fact I'm two hours away, but I have not had much luck so far. If anyone still reads this, please keep your fingers crossed that I find something soon. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow go away

It seems like all the weather has done this winter is come down hard on everyone across the country. I've heard stories of people in the desert getting snow, that is just ridiculous! I have never been a fan of snow myself. Personally, if it weren't for my kids, friends, and family all being in Kentucky - I would pack up and move someplace warm and sunny - preferably with a beach and sand. Oh well, a woman can dream. It certainly beats looking outside and seeing four inches of snow on the ground. The north has gotten much more than that, but I'm just cold and tired of winter and it's only January!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system I can get off my winter soapbox.

Life has been very interesting, but very hectic recently. Without getting into all of the personal details, life has changed a great deal and is about to change even more over the course of the next few weeks. Partly due to family issues and partially due to my job ending in 4-6 weeks, we have decided to move back to my hometown, which is about two hours south.

It was a very difficult decision, but one I think (and hope) will work out the best for my family in the long run. It's scary to uproot and start over once again. I see advantages and disadvantages to both ends of the spectrum. No matter what happens though, we have each other. My children are the most important people in my life - all I want is for them to be happy. I really hope it does work out in the end.