Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Albus Dumbledore

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Explanation of the Results:This type of personality test uses four indexes of personality and the combination of the four is your personality type. The first index relates to how you interact with other people Introverted (I), meaning you keep more to yourself. The second relates to how you make decisions; whether you're Intuitive (N), getting answers from within. The third relates to whether you're more emotional and Feeling (F) . The fourth relates to whether you prefer things to be organized, meaning you're Judging (J).

Yep, all me. Thanks for my blogger friend who posted this. I took it and got the above result. I certainly keep to myself more than anything, but that doesn't mean I don't like to get out and have a good time with others. Intuitive is where I get most of my answers, but not all. There is a time and place for intuition and a time and place for being analytical. I'm am absolutely an emotional person! Finally, I'm in judging because I prefer organization. Funny as it is, my house completely lacks organization at the moment, but it's driving me crazy. At work, my area is immaculate and organized to a tee!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving is Over

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all! I had a nice holiday and I hope you did as well. The turkey and sides were nice. However, it was great to see my family from out of town and to see all of the kids in the family. I was still glad to be done with the hustle and bustle though.

Yesterday was great. Aurea and I went to visit my friend Heather and her son Zack. Aurea and Zack are both five and had a great time playing together. I simply had a great time getting to visit with an adult! lol! Even better, last night, Shawn came over and we stayed up watching movies and talking until about 3:30 in the morning! Actually, I think he left around 3, but I didn't get to bed until 3:30! I can't remember the last time I stayed up that late! Luckily, my mom got up with the kids this morning, thank goodness for grandparents, lol!

Today, Shawn and I went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. It was wonderful! I have been home with my parents and daughter tonight. My son went to my sister's for the night. Tomorrow, we head back home. Thanksgiving and the long weekend are almost over. We all get to go back to work and school on Monday....

I'm thankful for:
  • God
  • Adam
  • Aurea
  • Mom and dad
  • sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and all of the rest of my family
  • Shawn
  • all of my friends, I will not name any for fear of leaving people out or having to name way too many!
  • Being healthy
  • All of the blessings in life

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Not only did I survive the weekend with my parents, but I actually had a wonderful time. We arrived late Friday night, in time to eat, talk for a few minutes, and get ready for bed. Saturday was a full day though. I talked to several friends on the phone. Then, I went to help my sister. My niece's 2nd birthday party was at a place called Extreme Gymnastics. The kids had a blast swinging from hopes, jumping on trampolines, and doing all of the fun and dangerous things to be found a gymnastics/birthday center. That afternoon I also went to run errands and ran into several old friends.

Saturday night was my dad's surprise 60th birthday party. His birthday isn't actually until tomorrow, but we didn't want to do it mid-week and this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend! Anyway, I had a date and we went to the party. Probably not the best idea to have your first date at a family party with a bunch of drunks and seemingly crazy people around! lol! Seriously though, I had a blast and so did Shawn. He keeps thanking me for showing him a great time, awww! Everyone listened to music, played pool, threw darts, and sat around talking all night, it was great!

While we were at the party, the kids were at my mom's with the 15-year-old babysitter, Morgan. Adam said, "Tell her she's here for Aurea, I don't need a babysitter. She's only 3 years older than me....is she hot?!" OMG the life of a pre-teen.... No she's not hot she's the babysitter! Whether or not he decided she was hot, they had a great time. Morgan played on myspace with him and they watched a movie and then she took Aurea downstairs to play while Adam watched TV.

Sunday I lounged around and basically did nothing all morning. We left early afternoon so we could get home before dark and get some things done around the house. Of course as my luck goes, I got pulled over on Bluegrass Parkway! Thankfully, the sheriff was really nice and did not give me a ticket! Yeah, maybe my luck is getting better........

Adam is finally ungrounded. Last night was the Premier Jewelry party. Tonight is Girl Scouts meeting. Tomorrow we go back to Glasgow for Thanksgiving on Thurs. Can we say busy?! But it's really been fun, I needed that. I guess that's it for now, if I don't get to post tomorrow, I wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 Bathrooms...Nowhere to Go!

I live in a three bedroom, two-and-half bath townhouse. The members of my family include myself and my two children (and sometimes my boyfriend, but that's another story). Anyway, there are three rooms in my house which include a toilet and a sink. With no more people than this, we should never have issues over bathrooms, yet we do.

I was getting ready for work the other morning in the half bath and my daughter announces she needs to go, "go upstairs." Yeah, I could've shared, but it's a small room and I'm clausterphobic to begin with.... Anyway, a few minutes later I'm curling my hair and my son comes in and starts wetting his hair and making a mess. Hello, I'm getting ready here! He says he needs to get ready too, umm there are two other bathrooms in this house, pick one! What is the deal here?! I'm not sure, but it's crazy to squeeze two or three people in one tiny bathroom when there are two larger ones upstairs! I can't help it nobody actually wants to exert the energy to climb those stairs and find those mysterious bathrooms! lol!

Anyway, my son is 12 and really frustrating. I love him, but he knows how to push my buttons and sometimes I just want to scream. He got grounded for getting in trouble on the bus at school and for running his mouth. He then decides to call my parents who live almost 3 hours away and inform them I am mean and I am beating him! I would NEVER do such a thing to my child! He thinks being beaten means having his stuff taken away from him. If he only knew what other kids out there have to deal with.... Telling him this does no good though. Of course my parents call concerned (not that I'm beating him because they know I would not do that, but because he's upset and they are too far away to help). My mom's answer, "If you can't handle him, maybe he should come live with us."

Excuse me, that is my child. I can handle him, he's just 12 and mouthy and upset that the Playstation 2, DVD, TV, VCR, and pocket rocket are no longer in his room! Man the things kids have these days... He wants attention and my mom has a great way of giving it to him! I don't mean to rant here but I have to vent sometimes. It's hard enough to be a single parent without my mom deciding I can't handle it!

In other recent events, my internet got disconnected at home. I now have internet only at work (luckily, I have a job with alot of free time!). However, if I don't post as often as I like or don't get back to someone immediately -- I apologize. I am limited to whenever I'm free at work. Some days this is all day long, others, not at all. I hope to have it back soon, but who knows... When you have to pick and choose bills, internet is not the priority -- even though I'm addicted to the internet!

We are going out of town this weekend to visit my well meaning parents. I hope it is actually a nice, fun weekend since we get to go back down Wed. night to be there for Thanksgiving! Wow, I have a lot going on the next couple of weeks...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

Christina from: utmomof5 tagged me. I'm new to this and I've never tagged or been tagged so I hope this works like it's supposed to, if it doesn't, I apologize. Anyway, check out her blog, I love it.

There are a few rules one must follow to play the game. When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

8 Random Things About Me:
1. I LOVE Ranch dressing! We're not talking I get a salad and dab on some ranch, lol. No, I love ranch and eat it on almost everything. Some people think I'm crazy, but hey -- I am who I am and I love ranch!

2. I cannot ride a bicycle. I know, I know, how can you grow up in the 80s in America and not be able to ride a bike? Well, I'm stubborn and demanding. I did fine as a kid with training wheels. One day my daddy took off the training wheels and I kept falling down to the point of not wanting to ride at all. Finally, I told him I never wanted to learn and wanted nothing to do with a bike! He didn't push and by the time I decided I might care, I was ready for a car! To this day, I still cannot ride a bike!

3. I am addicted to the internet. In addition to blogging, I frequent myspace, ebay, and yahoo. I also download and play games that my son calls nerdy and girly. Oh well, I have fun in my spare time and I enjoy them thank you very much!

4. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, aka major mood swings. If you read one day and I sound really depressed and another I sound really elated, yeah it's the mood swings! I'm okay, really.

5. I love to read. I don't read like I used to because work, kids, house, bills,..... I just don't have the time, but I do enjoy it. Right now I'm reading "The Street Lawyer," by John Grisham.

6. I'm writing a book. It may be ten or twenty years from now before it is finished, but I'm working on a story about MS, in honor of my aunt who passed away from this dreadful disease.

7. I got pregnant/married while in high school. I hope my kids learn from me rather than repeat me, but I guess there isn't a lot I can say if they do. I just don't want them to face the same hardships I have faced.

8. I'm a great listener. Yeah, I am, running out of other things to say, sorry....

Here are the poor souls I have choosen to tag. I can't figure out how to do it any other way...








Friday, November 9, 2007

Mommy, Can I go to bed now?

I think I have the only five-year-old in the world who actually comes in the room and says, "Mommy, Can I go to bed now?" Of course you may honey, if you're sleepy. Yeah right, like I'm actually going to tell her no! It's amazing, my son always wanted to sleep with me at that age. Even at 12, he no longer wants in my bed, but he doesn't want to go to bed at all either. I have to make him go to sleep. Not Aurea. Ever since she's been old enough to walk, she has gone to bed on her own. I remember once when she was two or three (I was still with her dad then), her dad and I had friends over playing cards in the kitchen. Aurea walked in and grabbed my hand without saying a word and walked us to her bed! We did go through about six months of not wanting to go to bed, but it was right after we moved, so I think it was more of a security issue. Anyway, the other night I was on the computer and she uttered these words. I just looked at her and she said, "I'm sleepy." I sent her up and promised to follow for story/tucking in time. It was so sweet. She doesn't do this every night, but even the nights I say "bedtime" loudly she does not argue, she goes and lies down until I come to tuck her in. Awww! Works for me!

The 12-year-old, on the other hand, is a night owl. He wants to stay up late and then sleep in. This is of course when he sleeps, I remember a recent slumber party where there was no slumber involved! Of course, being a boy and almost teenager, he didn't calll it a slumber party -- but that's what it was!

Anyhow, his Pocket Rocket finally arrived (FYI: If walmart.com says something will arrive in 7-10 business days, expect 11-12)! It came in Wed. even though his birthday was Halloween! Hey I drove around five counties looking for this thing before finally giving up and ordering it online! He was so excited that he had it out of the box and fully assembled and charging before I could finish cooking dinner! I was impressed! Not to mention, I didn't have to assemble a thing. lol

Well, his birthday is over and Thanksgiving is almost here, so that means...My daughter's birthday is next! Poor thing, three weeks before Christmas is hard. I try not to tie it in too much with Christmas, but I'm always broke around her birthday, it's hard. Of course, then comes Christmas....I'm ready to have summer back!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You

Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, oh my! Happy belated Halloween to everyone. Yesterday was not only Halloween, but also my son's birthday. It was an interesting day, but then having a Halloween baby always makes it more fun. I love shopping for the Halloween/Birthday cards and doing all the "scary" stuff.

My daughter dressed up as a unicorn and went trick-or-treating with her dad and Nana (his mom) and got to spend the night with Nana. I picked her up and took her to school this morning - she had a blast and got tons of candy. They forgot to take pictures of her dressed up though, :( Guess I'll have to stage a couple! lol!

Anyway, so I got off work last night and went straight home and got there earlier than usual since I didn't have to stop at the daycare. Adam had a birthday card and money in the mail so he was excited. Then, we decided our night: McDonald's, Nightmare Haunted House, Trail of Terror. How exciting! Most parents know the joys of McDonald's so we'll skip the details there.

Nightmare Haunted House is held in an old warehouse between Lexington and Frankfort where the Kentucky Paranormal Investigations host the event. The story is about a girl named Sarah and her terrifying nightmares that still haunt the house despite Sarah's death. For more on Sarah and the story, go to http://www.2scary.com/

Anyway, we get there and Ghost Ship is playing on the movie screen while you wait in line. There was the option of the last ride simulator, but I'm clausterphobic, no thanks! We get in and hear the tale of Sarah and some girl chants her name in the mirror 3 times. Then, "Sarah" pops out and tells everyone to get out of her house. She told Adam to go trick-or-treating and leave her house NOW! It was funny. We continue through the house with Sarah's grandma yielding a machete and all of your normal Halloween stuff. (Note to all: I HATE chainsaws) The chainsaw man doesn't scare me and I make smart remarks to the actors so I have them laughing too hard to chase me or anything. Adam tells one guy he looks like a mutated Easter Bunny! Then, we enter Nightmare Theatre. Ok, it's a simulated movie theater full of (fake) dead bodies and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is playing on the giant movie screen. We are in the middle of the theatre, so I'm looking around expecting one of the "dead" bodies to jump at me or the ground to start shaking. NOOOO, the Texas Chainsaw guy jumps out of the movie screen (I'm in the very back of the group) and starts chasing me through the theatre and the house! Needless to say, I didn't stay the last person for long, I screamed and ran!! After he quit chasing me, I got back in the back of the line. We went across a swinging bridge with room spinning disco style and got dizzy! We went through a maze too. It was cool, we had a ball and Adam loved it!!

Next, we went to Trail of Terror at Jacobson Park. Jacobson Park is a huge park with playground, ducks, paddle boats, you name it. At the back of the park is a small lake and wooded area. The Trail of Terror is a mile long haunted woods. We entered and walked along, la la la. Oh look, it's Freddy, it's Jason, oh cool the girl from Saw with her head in that contraption! Then, we get to a small house with moving floors and these things squeezing us through like a carwash sponge or something. Yep, more chainsaws and girls behind me screaming like crazy. The moving bridge was much easier than the first one. Then, we're walking and come up on "Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake" so we're walking and looking for the next chainsaw guy or something and "Jason" pops out of "Crystal Lake" and runs up the bank after us!! Finally, we go through the bus of horror (mainly ghostly sounds) and come out the other side.

We get home and Adam wants to watch "Halloween" so I say I'm going to take a quick bath first. Quick it was, remember the phone syndrome? Well, as I get in the tub, my phone starts ringing like crazy. Everyone wants to wish Adam a happy birthday and I'm upstairs and he's downstairs (I only have a cell phone, no home phone). So I assure everyone he will call them back and take the world's fastest bath to head down and watch scary movies. He was ready for bed shortly into Halloween H20, but hey it was a fun and interesting night. My son loved his 12th birthday and I enjoyed having just the two of us!