Thursday, November 1, 2007

One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You

Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, oh my! Happy belated Halloween to everyone. Yesterday was not only Halloween, but also my son's birthday. It was an interesting day, but then having a Halloween baby always makes it more fun. I love shopping for the Halloween/Birthday cards and doing all the "scary" stuff.

My daughter dressed up as a unicorn and went trick-or-treating with her dad and Nana (his mom) and got to spend the night with Nana. I picked her up and took her to school this morning - she had a blast and got tons of candy. They forgot to take pictures of her dressed up though, :( Guess I'll have to stage a couple! lol!

Anyway, so I got off work last night and went straight home and got there earlier than usual since I didn't have to stop at the daycare. Adam had a birthday card and money in the mail so he was excited. Then, we decided our night: McDonald's, Nightmare Haunted House, Trail of Terror. How exciting! Most parents know the joys of McDonald's so we'll skip the details there.

Nightmare Haunted House is held in an old warehouse between Lexington and Frankfort where the Kentucky Paranormal Investigations host the event. The story is about a girl named Sarah and her terrifying nightmares that still haunt the house despite Sarah's death. For more on Sarah and the story, go to http://www.2scary.com/

Anyway, we get there and Ghost Ship is playing on the movie screen while you wait in line. There was the option of the last ride simulator, but I'm clausterphobic, no thanks! We get in and hear the tale of Sarah and some girl chants her name in the mirror 3 times. Then, "Sarah" pops out and tells everyone to get out of her house. She told Adam to go trick-or-treating and leave her house NOW! It was funny. We continue through the house with Sarah's grandma yielding a machete and all of your normal Halloween stuff. (Note to all: I HATE chainsaws) The chainsaw man doesn't scare me and I make smart remarks to the actors so I have them laughing too hard to chase me or anything. Adam tells one guy he looks like a mutated Easter Bunny! Then, we enter Nightmare Theatre. Ok, it's a simulated movie theater full of (fake) dead bodies and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is playing on the giant movie screen. We are in the middle of the theatre, so I'm looking around expecting one of the "dead" bodies to jump at me or the ground to start shaking. NOOOO, the Texas Chainsaw guy jumps out of the movie screen (I'm in the very back of the group) and starts chasing me through the theatre and the house! Needless to say, I didn't stay the last person for long, I screamed and ran!! After he quit chasing me, I got back in the back of the line. We went across a swinging bridge with room spinning disco style and got dizzy! We went through a maze too. It was cool, we had a ball and Adam loved it!!

Next, we went to Trail of Terror at Jacobson Park. Jacobson Park is a huge park with playground, ducks, paddle boats, you name it. At the back of the park is a small lake and wooded area. The Trail of Terror is a mile long haunted woods. We entered and walked along, la la la. Oh look, it's Freddy, it's Jason, oh cool the girl from Saw with her head in that contraption! Then, we get to a small house with moving floors and these things squeezing us through like a carwash sponge or something. Yep, more chainsaws and girls behind me screaming like crazy. The moving bridge was much easier than the first one. Then, we're walking and come up on "Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake" so we're walking and looking for the next chainsaw guy or something and "Jason" pops out of "Crystal Lake" and runs up the bank after us!! Finally, we go through the bus of horror (mainly ghostly sounds) and come out the other side.

We get home and Adam wants to watch "Halloween" so I say I'm going to take a quick bath first. Quick it was, remember the phone syndrome? Well, as I get in the tub, my phone starts ringing like crazy. Everyone wants to wish Adam a happy birthday and I'm upstairs and he's downstairs (I only have a cell phone, no home phone). So I assure everyone he will call them back and take the world's fastest bath to head down and watch scary movies. He was ready for bed shortly into Halloween H20, but hey it was a fun and interesting night. My son loved his 12th birthday and I enjoyed having just the two of us!

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onthegomom said...

What a great way to spend his birthday! It's always nice to have that one on one time!