Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 Bathrooms...Nowhere to Go!

I live in a three bedroom, two-and-half bath townhouse. The members of my family include myself and my two children (and sometimes my boyfriend, but that's another story). Anyway, there are three rooms in my house which include a toilet and a sink. With no more people than this, we should never have issues over bathrooms, yet we do.

I was getting ready for work the other morning in the half bath and my daughter announces she needs to go, "go upstairs." Yeah, I could've shared, but it's a small room and I'm clausterphobic to begin with.... Anyway, a few minutes later I'm curling my hair and my son comes in and starts wetting his hair and making a mess. Hello, I'm getting ready here! He says he needs to get ready too, umm there are two other bathrooms in this house, pick one! What is the deal here?! I'm not sure, but it's crazy to squeeze two or three people in one tiny bathroom when there are two larger ones upstairs! I can't help it nobody actually wants to exert the energy to climb those stairs and find those mysterious bathrooms! lol!

Anyway, my son is 12 and really frustrating. I love him, but he knows how to push my buttons and sometimes I just want to scream. He got grounded for getting in trouble on the bus at school and for running his mouth. He then decides to call my parents who live almost 3 hours away and inform them I am mean and I am beating him! I would NEVER do such a thing to my child! He thinks being beaten means having his stuff taken away from him. If he only knew what other kids out there have to deal with.... Telling him this does no good though. Of course my parents call concerned (not that I'm beating him because they know I would not do that, but because he's upset and they are too far away to help). My mom's answer, "If you can't handle him, maybe he should come live with us."

Excuse me, that is my child. I can handle him, he's just 12 and mouthy and upset that the Playstation 2, DVD, TV, VCR, and pocket rocket are no longer in his room! Man the things kids have these days... He wants attention and my mom has a great way of giving it to him! I don't mean to rant here but I have to vent sometimes. It's hard enough to be a single parent without my mom deciding I can't handle it!

In other recent events, my internet got disconnected at home. I now have internet only at work (luckily, I have a job with alot of free time!). However, if I don't post as often as I like or don't get back to someone immediately -- I apologize. I am limited to whenever I'm free at work. Some days this is all day long, others, not at all. I hope to have it back soon, but who knows... When you have to pick and choose bills, internet is not the priority -- even though I'm addicted to the internet!

We are going out of town this weekend to visit my well meaning parents. I hope it is actually a nice, fun weekend since we get to go back down Wed. night to be there for Thanksgiving! Wow, I have a lot going on the next couple of weeks...


Heather said...

My husband will come from the finished lower level in which a bathroom is located, up into our bathroom on the main level and proclaim that he has to go in the one that I am in trying to get ready. Hello! Go back downstairs from where you just came and use that one! I feel your pain. Hope you get your Interent back up soon. That would drive me crazy! We are cutting costs to, and had to cancel my precious XM Satellite radio. Have a great weekend trip!

P.S. My degree is in Geological Engineer, but I hold my PE in Environmental Engineering.

utmomof5 said...

It seems like everyone always has to go at the same time! Why is that? Monkey see Monkey do!!


onthegomom said...

My 14yo son has tried to play my ex and I against each other... sorry to break it to the kid, we get along and talk all the time, he finally figured out that that won't work. He hasn't tried the grandparents yet, I am sure it's coming! Best of luck :) OH and my son got in trouble this week on the bus for smarting off, too. Must be in the air!

Lucille said...

I hope you survived the trip with your parents. I know its tough now -but try to remember that they mean well. What I wouldn't give to have either of my parents here to give me that unsolicited advice! You have no idea how much you will miss it until it is gone. :)

Good for you on cutting costs. I think most of us are in the same boat and I cut out cable channels big time a few months ago as well as dropped a cell phone. It all ads up.

Rick said...

Toughest job in the world being a single parent. I don't know how our oldest would have survived either parent if we didn't have each other for support - maybe a judge would have called it justifiable homicide - I don't know.