Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Vacation

My children go to different schools in separate districts. Aurea finished second grade yesterday and Adam completes eighth grade today. I cannot believe I am going to be the mom of a high school freshman in August! That really makes me feel old even though I know I'm not old.

Aurea was so excited to be out for summer vacation that she did not want to go to bed last night! I couldn't get her to understand that just because school is out does not mean mommy gets to stay home from work and play all summer. The joys of single parenthood! We still have to get up and go every morning. She will just be going to the YMCA to swim and have fun and go on field trips instead of sitting in a classroom all day. Unfortunately, the Y decided not to start childcare until Monday. Seriously, why in the world would you not start childcare until Monday when school is out on Friday? Therefore, we have already had a chaotic morning. I drove downtown just to find out it wasn't being held. Then, I called numerous friends in search of a sitter. My neighbor finally called back so I had to turn around and drive back home and then back across town to work! At least I found someone, but that was really aggravating this morning.

Adam is thrilled to be getting out for the summer and could care less about going back in the fall, high school or not. Aurea loves school. It's amazing how contrasting two children can be, but they are both wonderful!

Either way, it's summer vacation and I'm going to love getting to go swimming and do more fun stuff in the evenings and on the weekends. We started off with a big cookout and pool party at my mom's Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone else has a safe, fun summer also.