Saturday, January 19, 2008

The double date went well

Well, last night went well. We were supposed to pick Sarah up before the movie, but her mom called and said they would just meet us in the lobby. Adam still kept trying to leave early though, I guess getting there way early means she will too?! LOL I know, he was just excited.

We got there and got in the ticket line to find out "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" was already sold out! :( Sarah picked the movie, but I think she had a little help from Adam coaxing her! LOL Anyway, this movie was only showing at 6:30 and 9:45 so only two other movies were scheduled to begin before 7:30, "27 Dresses" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks." Guess which one we ended up seeing? You guessed right, "Alvin and the Chipmunks." Adam was not about to watch "27 Dresses!" Never mind the fact he had already seen the movie, he did not want to watch a chick flick. Shawn didn't argue with him either I noticed!

Adam's friend Griffin showed up and sat down right with him and Sarah. Shawn and I sat four rows back. As nice as it sounds to pick another movie and leave them alone, I chose not to leave them alone! So we sat behind them a few rows and shortly into the movie Adam managed to run Griffin off so it was just him and Sarah again! Anybody remember the old yawn and stretch your arm routine to where it just happens to be around the girl?! (yeah I feel old saying that) Anyway, I'm not sure where he learned it, but he used it! I really thought it was sweet though.

They kept singing annoyingly during the movie, but there were so many kids in the theater that nobody seemed to mind! At one point though they thought they would sneak out to the lobby. Why? I don't know, I went out and they were talking to another group of kids. They came right back in though and proceeded to talk for most of the movie. I hope Sarah really didn't want to watch it! LOL

After the movie we went to the game room where they battled each other in Dynamo Hockey and Sarah called her dad. She beat Adam once, he killed her in the game after that! We waited in the lobby for her dad. While there, there were so many kids mingling around, apparently their parents had dropped them off! Are these people crazy?! Maybe I'm just paranoid, but there is no way I would just drop my son off and leave him unchaperoned, but that's beside the point! When her dad got there, Adam wanted to hug her bye but decided not to try with her dad right there! It was cute!

Anyway, he had a great time, I'm so glad! I actually thought the movie was cute, so it wasn't a waste of money or time, I actually had a good time. Now if I could just go on all of Adam's dates! I know I eventually have to let him grow up and go on his own, but for now he's still 12 and too young!

P.S. I just added the music last night Lucille, you didn't miss anything! Thanks for caring.


onthegomom said...

That was so sweet!!!!

I have taken both of my boys on movie 'dates'. Now that my oldest is 18, I let him go out on his own. About the time he could drive is when I started to let him go out on his own. It's hard!!!

utmomof5 said...

Youare a good Mom!! i wish more moms took the time like you did. Christina
P.S. I like the music!!

Working Dad said...

I have a 13 year old daughter that loves God and going to church but there is no way I would leave her alone with a boy. Hey if they was able to be on there on we would let them. Fact is at this age they are starting to have hormones and I know for the boys being I was one you can't think right.

Heather said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time. I think four rows back is definitely enough space. Way to go, Griffin, for catching a clue. I saw Alvin and the Chipmunks - it wasn't all that bad.

Lucille said...

I can only HOPE that my little 6-year old meets a boy like yours someday! What a GREAT MOM you are - I wish more would follow your example!

On a side note - thanks for the comments about blog etiquette on my blog - I appreciate it. I don't think a ton of people do that follow up to comments thing - I tried it once and it totally overwhelmed my email box! LOL!

Lastly - whew - I didn't miss too much then if you just added the music...I LOVE THAT!


(have a good one!)

Damama T said...

At the risk of repeating utmom- You are a good mom, Kathy! And I don't really think that wishing other parents wouldn't just drop their kids off is "beside the point" - I think it IS the point!

Daughter's church 9th-10th grade youth group are mostly still not allowed to go out on their own yet. Working Dad is totally right about the hormone thing - and it's not just the boys you have to worry about now days! Even when Twig, now 25, was in high school there were girls leaving messages on my home answering maching saying, "Hey, it's ____. I want to do you!" I could not believe it! Daughter tells me that even in her youth group there are some really horny females and the ones she's in juvie with are even worse.

My best advice to everyone: Be a vigilent parent or be a young grandparent.