Thursday, January 3, 2008

My crazy week

Happy New Year to all!

This week has been really crazy. I went out with my sister and her friends on Friday night. All I will say is that I was the DD so I spent most of the night laughing at everyone else! Dinner at Shogun's was nice! I can't catch shrimp in my mouth straight from the grill though LOL!!

Sunday night Aurea and I stayed at my cousin Amie's house. We had so much fun catching up, playing games with the girls, and watching TV. The girls had a blast playing the Wii and watching movies. I think Aurea was just glad to have girls her age to play with here! Most of my friends have boys! Maggie and Chandler helped her have a great night though and I had fun catching up with Amie.

Monday was New Year's Eve. Shawn and I went out to dinner and then to Heather's party. It was a blast! I had wayyy too much to drink! It was New Year's though so I'm entitled LOL. It was the first New Year's Eve in like 4 or 5 years that I've actually gone out. Usually I end up staying in, especially if I have the kids. Adam was with his dad and Aurea stayed here with my parents. I had a great night out, enough said!!

I've spent the last two days recovering and getting ready to get back into a routine. School started today. Glasgow's computer system was down though. I dropped Aurea off and took Adam to school and then went back to her school. I got to meet her teacher (who seemed really nice), but I was still nervous.

Shawn and I went to Lensey's house in Bowling Green and then I went job hunting today. I hadn't seen Lensey since the night of Coyote Ugly! Anyway, I came home and found Adam here ?? Apparently, the computer system didn't come back up and they couldn't place him in any classes! They called my dad and he picked him up from school at like 9:30! Aurea had a great first day, but she also had homework!

Yeah, I've enjoyed getting to see friends, hang out, catch up, and have a break. Now it's time to get back into school, homework, etc. Now I just need to find a job!! I'm trying though...Wow, it has been a crazy week!


Heather said...

Sounds like a fun time. It's hard to be the DD, especially when funny drunks turn into annoying drunks. I have caught a shrimp from the grill, but owe it to the chef's aim and proximity and not any talent of my own. My husband did the Saki squirt bottle chug.

onthegomom said...

Your girls night sounded so much fun!!!!!!!!

I hope the computers came back up and your kids like their new schools.