Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My crazy life

Aurea's birthday party Saturday was fun. We went to Gattitown and the kids had a blast. Not everyone showed up, but the ones who did were thrilled since they got the extra game cards and bumper car or carousel passes. I developed the pictures and scanned them all into the computer so I could post them to myspace only to find out my internet has been disconnected! (I'm at work now!) In other words, I'm going to try to save them to CD and then add them, if not, I guess I'll get them up there eventually. I think Adam had the most fun! He got to ride bumper cars and play some of the arcade games that were above the younger kids. I rode the roller coaster simulator with him, the seat shakes when the screen goes around the turns and loops. It was fun! Aurea spent most of her time on the carousel. Everybody had a blast!!

I'm still not smoking for those who have asked! Yippee, 8 days now! When does it get easier? Actually, it is MUCH easier than it was the first few days, but still not easy.

Three more days before the big move. Mom, dad, and Uncle Abner are coming up Friday morning (yeah it keeps changing) to help finish packing. When Uncle Tony gets done unloading his truck in Louisville, he is coming down. Then we all get to load it up and head to Glasgow. Adam is very excited. Aurea still not thrilled, but starting to come around.

Court was a pain yesterday, I'll spare you the details. Work has been hectic with it being almost the end of the year plus me leaving on Friday. My life is crazy right now, but hopefully it will settle down soon.

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utmomof5 said...

I am glad to hear about the smoking thing. I have been thinking about you and how it is going. Keep up the good work!!

Sounds like a fun party! Someday we will seethe pictures right?!

Good Luck with the move. Moving is not fun but at least you have some help.