Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving/Packing Tips

onthegomom said...
Happy Birthday to your daughter! Have fun packing. I have lived in my house for 17 years and I have no idea what I am going to do when we move in about year (that's the plan anyway). If you have any good packing tips, you must share!!

--- I should have tons, I've moved enough! Okay for starters, don't plan on moving four days before Christmas! (It can't always be helped, trust me, I know -- but it's not ideal in cold, nasty weather with holidays coming!) Now for the packing tips:

  • Start early! I waited until the last minute once and it was awful! If you start early (2 weeks for me, whatever works for you, after 17 years you probably have alot more stuff than I do!) you will have time to actually sort things out and get rid of junk and avoid alot of last-minute stress!
  • Throw that stuff out! If you haven't touched it in like 17 years, it's time to get rid of it! I'm a pack-rat but eventually you get tired of moving stuff you will never ever use.
  • Plan ahead before actually packing -- make sure you have tons of boxes, tape, and newspaper or bubble wrap on hand (I do not recommend packing peanuts!)
  • Pack knick knacks, picture frames, and non-necessity items first and in advance. You're not using them every day so why not get them out of the way and then see how things are progressing? Be sure you wrap them well to avoid broken glass/porcelain pieces everywhere.
  • Fit things together like a puzzle, the more you can fit into a box (without making it so heavy it can't be lifted!) the better. Saves space and time during moving.
  • LABEL EVERYTHING CLEARLY!!!! I can't stress that enough! It helps to know which boxes go in which room, which boxes are fragile, which ones are most needed, and in my case-- which ones go with us to my mom's vs. which ones go into storage. It makes a huge difference.

What else? I'm sure I have more, but that's all I have for now. Hope it helps!!


Theresa said...

Yeah, avoid moving with 48 boxes marked either stuff or misc. I have a suggestion for the 17 year move, have a garage sale, or call an auction house. We did both when we moved to Mexico, there is something about having someone come in and haul off all that stuff for you and then pay you that is pretty cool! If you have the stuff auctioned be aware of what your contract says, we thought the % was based on the total sale while it was on each lot, and they fixed it so that they got the most money for their efforts. I would still do it again, but not feel so bummed when the check was smaller than I expected. The ideal is have a garage sale everyweekend as you clean out stuff, people will buy the most amazing stuff!

onthegomom said...

You are awesome and I am famous (by being featured on your blog <3)

Those are great tips and I am going to print them out for future reference. We have already started the weeding out process and have gotten rid of a TON of crap out of this house. Which will help a lot. I do not want to move anything that I haven't seen or missed in years (heirlooms and keepsakes are different!)

Thanks so much for the tips and featuring lil' ol' *ME*! :)

Lucille said...

When we moved into our place 10 years ago I put an star on about 6 boxes that said "hubby's stuff" as it was miscellaneous stuff from previous moves. Our deal was that in ONE YEAR if the boxes were not opened then they would go in the dumpster in one year.

Well not either of us ever opened them and they did indeed get pitched!

Moral of the story - WE don't need half the stuff we think we do. It's just stuff!

So pack carefully and week thru before you put it in the boxes. You want to start your next chapter "CLEAN!"

Good luck!

Damama T said...

We've moved so many times that I could almost do it in my sleep. The one major thing that I could add to the already great list is to use your clean towels and sheets to pack your dishes. Those are among the first things you are going to need out anyway, why not unpack them both at the same time!

I know you've already packed up everything by now, but just wanted to throw that out there because, mmmm... well, I'm DaBossyMama, too! LOL!

Good luck, sweetheart! Moving is hard under the best of circumstances, but it sounds like you have it well under control.