Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aurea's 6th birthday

By request, birthday pictures

Yes, summer clothes!

Amy, Mindy, Me, Beth

Melynda, Avrie, Aurea in front center

Me and my baby girl

Hannah Montana sheets

Hannah Montana pajamas

Hannah Montana CD

Aure'as grnadma and her

Avrie's brothers

Aurea and Melynda


Avrie and Beth

Aurea, Melynda, and Avrie

Aurea and her step-grandfather

Adam loves bumper cars


Lucille said...

Great pixs! Thanks for sharing!

Hannah was the big IT gift huh?

Looks like a good time! Congrats on the smoking thing - hard time to quit but you'll be glad you did. I think you are past the worst of it.

Happy moving day - wow - so close to Christmas? Yikes - you are a brave one!

onthegomom said...

LOVED the pictures. It looked liked you all had a fabulous time!

My daughter loves Hannah Montanna too.

Congrats on quitting smoking!!!!!!!!!!!