Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy, Busy

We went last weekend and got Aurea's ears repierced for free! I was not happy with these people. We went in and it took them forever to find our paperwork. Then, they repierced the same hole and made her bleed! Needless to say, she was crying and upset at this point. They finally got it done though and did not throw in anything extra for the trouble. We proceeded to the carousel and then to have ice cream sundaes with some kids from the carousel. She cheered up fast!

Tonight is the Super Bowl as I'm sure everyone knows. Adam is at his own Super Bowl party with the church youth group. He's really excited and thinks his party tonight is the greatest thing in the world! Aurea is just dancing around the house for attention while my mom and I are watching the commercials and talking during the game! LOL

Work has been keeping me really busy. I really like the job and being able to be there for the girls. I passed all of my written tests and my Safe Crisis Management training! Yippee. The bad part is they called me in yesterday and everybody told me to get used to it. Apparently the hours aren't as straightforward as previously told. I guess it's to be expected from a 24-hour facility, but geez I'd like to see my kids once in a while! It is a very rewarding job though. I hope to be able to help and make a difference.

I've seen Shawn a couple of time this week, but it's hard with my schedule to see him much. Things are going really well. I am actually happy though. He's really there for me and listens to me and makes me feel good. This is something completely new to me, I'm loving it!


Damama T said...

I'm sorry Aurea's ears had to be redone... I don't think I would have been very nice about it at all! Good thinking on the ice cream, though!

Hope the work schedule thing doesn't get to be too much. If you start feeling it is, please be sure to talk to your supervisor before you just go and quit like so many caregivers do. It really throws the girls for a loop when someone just is GONE without any warning or explanation. Makes it harder for them to trust the next person who shows up.

Enjoy the show. I personally decided to just watch the ads on MySpace after the fact! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by my 'house' earlier. Oh, and I wasn't fussing at you for being MIA, I was saying I'd been gone too long, too, like Luci! LOL!!

xoxo & TTFN

onthegomom said...

OUCH! Poor Aurea!

You sound so happy! About your job (even though the hours are hard), your kids, Shawn. I am happy for you!!!!!

Kati said...

Sounds like things are good. Busy is good. Your kids know you love them and you are doing the best thing for them.
Glad to see you so happy! Keep up the good work with your job!