Monday, February 18, 2008

Early Lessons

This post is about my son and his girlfriends. Although I wouldn't exactly call them girlfriends, he does and it's easier for time and explanation purposes, but I use the term very loosely since he is only 12!

From kindergarten until the middle of 3rd grade (when we moved), Adam had a little girlfriend named Hannah. They talked all the time, it was so cute. Even for a couple of months after we moved, they still kept in contact. Obviously, he moved on after awhile.

We moved back a couple of months ago and he's now in 6th grade. He's had several other little girlfriends since then, including Sarah (the one we took to the movies and bought a V-day present for). Well, he recently found Hannah again and quickly became friends.

A couple of days ago, Adam asked to go spend the day with Hannah and her mom. I asked him about Sarah and he said it didn't matter that he and Hannah were only friends and yes, he would tell Sarah, she would understand.

I told him he didn't understand girls very well, that we don't work that way! He thought I was crazy and decided to tell Sarah about his day with Hannah. Needless to say, Sarah broke up with him!

Did he get upset? No, he called Hannah and asked her out! Go figure. Now that the kids are out for President's Day, he is at Hannah's house spending the day and eating supper.

Kids are so resilient it amazes me, but I still think it was an early, important lesson to learn. Sadly, it is very hard for boys and girls to "just be friends" at any age!


utmomof5 said...

Look out for that boy!!


Kati said...

That is so funny! Sounds like he was just heart-broken! NOT! LOL!

Jen said...

cute story!!! He has definitely bounced back!

Heather said...

Sounds like he'll always have one in the wings.

onthegomom said...

HA... that is fuuny! My 14 y.o. is the same way.

Damama T said...

Great lesson. Sad, but true. It makes me sad, that boys and girls can't be friends thing. It's a learned behavior, ya know - not an instinct. Moms teach their daughters who teach their daughters who... blah blah blah... I think the world would be much easier for all concerned if that particular lesson was forgotten altogether. ;o)