Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween weekend

Halloween is one of my favorite and busiest days of the year. My wonderful son, Adam, was born on Halloween afternoon 14 years ago. I cannot believe he is now 14, but he is and he certainly acts like a teenage boy. When he was little, we would go trick-or-treating and say, "Trick or treat, it's my birthday!" He always got extra candy and presents from houses of close friends or family members. When my daughter was born and she began trick or treating as well, he used it to get extra candy for both of them.

About three years ago, Adam decided he was too big to go trick-or-treating and would rather go to haunted houses. We began a tradition where the two of us go to various haunted houses or attractions. Aurea's grandmother or father take her trick-or-treating while Adam and I either hand out candy, go out to eat, or otherwise celebrate his birthday. Then, we go to the haunted places. This year we chose ScreamPark (www.scarylexington.com), Terror on Tates Creek, and Nightmare Haunted House (www.2scary.com). ScreamPark was new this year and supposed to be the best new attraction. It featured three haunted houses in one indoor warehouse. Unfortunately, it was not scary at all and a complete waste of money. Terror on Tates Creek was an outdoor "haunted" trail. It was fun, but not the best. The best attraction was Nightmare Haunted House. They change the theme every year, this year was Mercy Hospital. It still wasn't scary (can you tell we don't scare easily?), but we had a great time. Despite the lack of scarefest, we had a great night and Adam had a lot of fun. We came home and watched horror movies on TV.

Unlike most years, I had plans with Aurea on Sunday night just for us. She wanted to see Miley Cyrus in concert. I bought tickets months ago and she has been excited about seeing Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana in concert. Unfortunately, Hannah Montana is long gone. Instead, Miley attempted to reach an older audience with newer songs Aurea did know very well. Some were good, others not as great. The lights and effects were great. She rode a Harley suspended from the ceiling over the heads of the audience; this made me a little concerned, but it was certainly entertaining. The biggest problems I had with the show were Miley's choices concerning clothing and dancing. I would NEVER let my daughter wear tight, leather, barely-there clothing at any age! Her clothes got skimpier as the night went on and her dancing more provocative. Metro Station (Miley's brother is the lead singer) opened the show and the band was also not child-friendly. The show was entertaining, but it was not geared toward young children. Miley is no longer a wholesome, family entertainment choice and I'm sorry I took my daughter. She had a good time, I just hope she never learns any of those dances and she will not buy any of those outfits.

We had a fun, but extremely busy weekend. The kids really enjoyed themselves and now I'm ready for a day off just to catch up with stuff I need to do. Unfortunately, that will not be until this coming Saturday.

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Damama T said...

Happy birthday, Adam! Hope you didn't get too bad a stomach ache from all that extra candy! LOL!

It is such a shame that Miley had to go 'there'. I understand kids need to grow up, but did she have to choose Britany Spears to emmulate? Didn't she realize that the girls initials, BS, say it all!!??? Good luck keeping Aurea from trying that stuff anytime soon! ;o)