Sunday, October 21, 2007

I must be crazy

"Mom, can I have a boy/girl dance for my birthday?" This came from my son several weeks ago when deciding on a birthday party. Of course my first reaction was NO!!! but I was his age when I had my first boy/girl party so I said ok to a small party. After going back and forth on where he wanted it, he finally decided like 3 weeks ago. Of course, having a child born on Halloween means we have to compete with Halloween parties, especially waiting until the last minute! So of course, the place he wanted was booked through the end of the year. After many calls, I finally booked a place for Oct. 20th (yes, yesterday), since everything else was taken. Then, I bought invitations and he sent out like 40! OMG what have I gotten myself into!

I spent time preparing, buying refreshments, getting another chaperone, etc. So on Thurs. I realized I forgot to order a cake! My friend who makes cakes needed more than two days notice! Luckily, Wal-mart bakery only needed 24 hours notice, and that's exactly what they ended up getting! The kids had been at mom's for fall break so I was able to do everything Thurs. and Fri., the problem was that the Pocket Rocket Adam wanted for his birthday was nowhere to be found. Believe me, I spend 4 hours Thurs. night either driving to or calling every Wal-mart, Mejier, Target, Toys'R'Us, and Dick's Sporting Goods in four counties! (Why do I procrastinate -- oh yeah, can't take him shopping with me!) Anyway, I finally gave up and ordered the pocket rocket online complete with 7-10 business days for site-to-store shipping! Ahhhh!

Anyway, mom brought the kids home yesterday after I spent all morning cleaning and gluing a picture of a pocket rocket into a birthday card! After doing all the preparation, picking up the cake, and fielding calls from people wanting to know where the building was located, my other chaperone cancels on me!! We picked up the skater cake and went to set up the party.

Unfortunately for Adam, but fortunately for myself (the only chaperone), only 15 kids showed up to the party! For three hours, I chased kids who decided to run outside the building and let other kids try to lock me out (luckily I had keys, if you're ever in this situation, keep building keys on you at all times!!) while I'm running around. Then, rather than dance, it is apparently more fun to throw ice down people's shirts and then try to slide across the now wet floor without falling! They also like stealing each other's shoes and taking turns talking on cell phones!! How old are these kids? Ages 10-12, what's up with the phones and crap?! Ugh they just keep getting younger.

Adam was disappointed only 15 people showed, I was happy. One friend got back from vacation mid-party and came straight from the airport! I am grateful to his mother who decided to stay and help clean up afterward so we could finish on time and get my deposit back!!

It was certainly an interesting night! We got home and unloaded around 11:30, they wore me out!! Glad that's over. Now for his real birthday, haunted housing on Halloween! Oh and did I mention my gratitude to my mother who stayed home with my 5-year-old daughter during all this? Thank you.

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onthegomom said...

WOW! I am exhausted just reading that! That will go down as one of your great 'mom moments'! Great job!!!!