Thursday, October 11, 2007

And they're off....

Here comes Wiggles squirming and wiggling around while Roxanne tries to take care of her, Shadow is trying to run and explore, Aurea is chasing Shadow who is now chasing Wiggles...Robert the maintenance guy is trying to work but here comes Shadow around the corner, ohhh time to chase Wiggles who is now trying to hide and under everything, Shadow is now upstairs, go Aurea go run!! Ok, I'm being silly, but that is sort of what my house was like last night.

After work, I had a parent-teacher conference at Aurea's school, we have a lot of work to do! She's just not where she needs to be, and I'd say her vision issues contribute to that a great deal. Then, we get home and cook and eat while trying to play scavenger hunt (sending Aurea to find things in the house that start with a certain letter, I thought it would be fun when I made it up, she didn't!) and the phone ringing. Adam is on the phone, Aurea is whining and trying to find stuff, I'm trying to cook and talk on the phone...

After supper, Roxanne came over with Shadow (her ferret), she's going on vacation soon and I'm ferret sitting so she wanted Shadow and Wiggles (my ferret) to be around each other, get their nails (claws? whatever) trimmed and all this stuff before she actually leaves. She was trying to cut Wiggles' nails for me, by the way, there is a reason she is named Wiggles! lol That ferret would not be still and was trying to get to Shadow. In the meantime, the maintenance man comes to fix the sink which is apparently clogged by a grease chunk (ewww) and a popsicle stick! How did the popsicle stick get down there to begin with? Ask Aurea, I'm sure that was her doing! Anyway, he goes to wash his hands in the bathroom and gets cornered by a ferret (can't remember which one), which I'm sure he loved.

Adam is yet again on the phone, Aurea is chasing ferrets around the house, Roxanne is helping with the ferrets, I'm trying to watch Aurea and the ferrets and listen to Robert and the stupid phone is still ringing! Finally, Robert leaves and the three days worth of dishes can be done after Roxanne hunts down Shadow and heads home! Adam helped me with dishes and Aurea, thank you!

Then, Adam says tomorrow is the pep rally for the big football game, East vs. West (go East!!) and he wants his face painted, pleassse mom! So I paint his face and help with homework before sending the kids to bed and finally getting a little peace and quiet.

This morning, I got to touch up the face paint half his face is green with a blue E (East) and the other half is blue with a green J (Jaguars), he looked ready for football! Tonight is the big game and we're done with football! Yippeee!!

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