Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine went well, although very unusual. Normally, I drive back to Glasgow and have dinner at my grandmother's home with the whole extended family. Then, we have a full day and get all tired and have to drive back. I didn't do that this year.

Adam wanted to have Thanksgiving with the whole extended bunch, so he got to do so. Aurea and I stayed in Lexington and had Thanksgiving dinner with Kevin's family instead. It was much quieter than I'm used to. There were only seven of us, whereas I'm used to a house full of noise and chaos and many more people. Also, there was no football game or anything I'm used to on Thanksgiving.

This is not to say these are bad things, they are merely different than I'm used to on this holiday. We still had a great meal and everyone was really nice.

I picked Adam up on Friday morning and brought him to Lexington. We didn't do much for the weekend - I'm not a Black Friday kind of person, but we had a nice weekend anyway. He had a friend stay over Saturday night and let me tell you, two 13-year-old boys can demolish a chocolate cake and eat everything in sight!

I was glad to have four days off from work and to be able to spend time with the kids. I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving also.


Lucille said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the time off! Good for you! I"m not into that shopping thing either - I have zero patience for lines.

YES we get snow here. Too much lately. 6 inches on Sunday and another 5 expected today. YUCK!

Take care!

Damama T said...

Glad you had such a nice time. It isn't alwasy about big and noisy. Sometimes it's just about peace and love. That is my favorite kind!

And yes, 13-yo boys are bottomless pits. At one point we were going through at least a gallon of milk a day. I miss it. ;o\