Thursday, December 18, 2008


I can't believe it is almost Christmas! Where has this year gone? The whole month has been nothing but rain and snow, yuck! I'm ready for Spring already. Guess I'm just out of luck on that one.

December 4th was Aurea's birthday, so we had McDonald's for dinner. That child could live for the rest of her life off of nothing but chicken nuggets if I let her! That was her birthday treat. We had her party on Saturday, despite the first big snow of the season. Now Kevin's car broke down the week before so keep in mind we had this car (Kia) less than a week and still had dealer tags when getting ready for the birthday party. We were driving on a the next street up from our house and waiting at a red light to turn left. A Ford F150 fishtailed in the rear side of our car! Thankfully, nobody was hurt and it only scuffed the car (amazingly), but Kevin was really upset about the car. Not to mention it set us back. The police merely said to get each other's information and go on since nobody was hurt and there were wrecks everywhere.

We managed to get the cake picked up and to get to the birthday party with no further issues. The party was at Gattitown and almost everyone showed up, despite the snow and ice. I was impressed. My parents even drove up for the party. Aurea loved her Hannah Montana cake and all of the presents. Then, the kids split up throughout the game room and proceeded to be wild and crazy. Unlike last year, Aurea actually got on the bumper cars this time and had a ball. It was fun, but when we finally got home, Kevin and I curled up on the couch (after undoing a million twist ties) and Aurea went upstairs to play.

Aurea started Upward Cheerleading the following week. She is really excited. We got the uniforms at practice Tuesday night and now all she wants to do is dance around the house in her uniform practicing! It's really cute though.

Adam starts indoor soccer at the YMCA next month. I'm not really sure why he wants to play since he's never really liked soccer, but if it's something to try and he wants to do something different, go for it.

I had 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. One was just pulled, the other two were extracted and then pulled. I'm still sore and ready for the pain to go away. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, maybe I can rest and finally feel better this weekend.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping, hopefully I can finish this weekend. I hope everyone else is done or almost done as well. If not, be careful, it's chaotic out there!

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Damama T said...

I'm late. As usual. LOL! Hope Aurea's cheerleading and Adam's soccer are going well. And surely by now your mouth is all healed up. (hopefully you milked it for some extra Christmas sympathy, though? hehehe!)