Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Which is more important?

The last time I posted was almost a month ago, but that seems to be the way it goes. I would love to blog every day. Unfortunately, even if I have something to write about - I don't always have the time. One of the joys of being a full-time, single mother and a full-time employee.

My sister got married earlier this month. I was not thrilled about it since I was really close to my ex-brother-in-law. They were married for 10 years so it was hard to see them get divorced and even harder to watch her get remarried. The wedding did not start out so well since it came a huge downpour up until the ceremony began (it was an outdoor wedding) and pushed pictures until the end. Once the rain lifted though, everyone was able to gather under the tent. The ceremony went well and the reception was a load of fun.

Aurea is back in Girl Scouts and Upward Cheerleading signups just began. Between her stuff and everything I've got going on at work lately, the fall is going to be extremely busy! It gets hectic sometimes and I wish it would slow down a bit, but then spring comes and we have nothing going on and I miss it. The Academic Team hasn't even started yet either!

The few warm days we actually had of summer have officially faded. The high today is 59 degrees, in September! That's ridiculous for this time of year.

Last night I was supposed to attend a meeting (the optional kind without children, the kind parents actually look forward to attending) and told Aurea she was going to my friend's house for a couple of hours. "A couple of hooouurs!?" she whined like it would be for days on end. I told her it wouldn't be very long and she would be okay, but she decided she wanted to stay home, in her house, with me and she was NOT going anywhere. Then, I told her I had a meeting I really needed to attend. She gave me a sad look and asked, "which is more important - me or your meeting?" Needless to say, I did not attend the meeting last night. I just don't know where kids come up with this stuff. She is only seven for goodness sake, she shouldn't be able to con and guilt me like that!


onthegomom said...

Kids learn at a very young age how to hit our soft spots! My daughter is 11 1/2 and she has it down pat :) It's okay to give in once in awhile and just stay in a cuddle!

Damama T said...

Ouch! Little stinker. You'd better get a handle on that now, honey, or by the time she's 13 you'll be sunk! LOL! GOOD LUCK!