Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Update

I'm worn out today after walking all over campus running errands. I'm just glad the weather is finally nice, I hope it stays this way. I could handle 70s, much better than the nasty cold we have been having.

If any of you read, Because I Said So, the blog by Dawn Meehan -- Her book is finally out! I'm really excited. It wasn't supposed to be out until April 1, but Amazon.com sent an email a few days ago saying my order was scheduled to arrive sometime around March 19th - I actually got it yesterday. I was happily surprised to come home and see the package on the doorstep. I can't wait to actually read the book now.

Speaking of books, mine is coming along slowly. My author rep and I are at that stage - yes- insert picture here, no - don't add that there, etc. It's a lot of picky stuff at this point, but I'm glad to be here. If you don't get through the picky stage, you don't get published!

The kids are doing great. Aurea finished Upward Cheerleading for the season. I am really glad. She had fun, but it was busy for awhile. Adam finished soccer in time to start track! They are both busy kids. Aurea is taking voice lessons and that is it for right now. Spring Break is right around the corner. Actually, the University is on Spring Break this week so campus is really quiet. My kids, however, have a couple of weeks left before they get off.

My family is driving me crazy yet again. I really don't want to go into specifics on here, but let's just say some of them like to get into business that is no concern to them. It's really frustrating.

Otherwise, things are pretty calm these days.

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Damama T said...

Sounds like all-in-all life's going pretty well. Don't let your family issues get to you too much. There's a phrase that I use quite often with mine: I love you. BUTT OUT!