Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling better

I am feeling much better. Thank you to those who asked. I started my job on Thursday. So far, it is going really well. I like the job and the people I work with. That always makes a big difference. I won't say I love it, too early for that, but I am liking it. I also like getting to be the boss! No, I don't have a big head. It's just nice to finally have a position of authority. I've trained other servers when waiting tables and I managed a gas station briefly. This is much better. I get to make decisions about the store, do paperwork, and I'm in charge of hiring/firing my associates. Not to mention, I get 40% off all merchandise, that doesn't hurt either! We'll see how things go, but for right now, I'm not complaining.


Lisa said...

Glad to hear the job is going well. 40% off on the clothes.... NICE.
Hope the work hours are better for you.

utmomof5 said...

Yea for the new job!!! Glad you are liking it. Being in charge can be fun. :)

Damama T said...

Congratulations! 40%! Wow, that's a great perk! I hope you enjoy this job for a long time to come.