Monday, March 17, 2008

My deepest admiration

I send my deepest admiration to all parents of more than two children. Don't get me wrong, having two children is very rewarding, I know, I have the best two children a mother could ask for. However, I also babysat my niece and nephew Saturday night. I had a total of four children ages 2, 6, 7, and 12. The entire night was complete chaos! I'm used to knowing where two children are and what they are doing. It usually still leaves me plenty of time to finish the things I need to do (except during football season!).

Four children is another story. Keeper (my nierce, age 2) wanted constant attention and was into everything. Aurea (my daughter, age 6) was acting like a 2-year-old to try to get the attention Keeper was getting. Hunter (my nephew, age 7) was being the loud, rough and tumble, ADHD child that he is. Adam (my son, age 12) was continuing to show the fact that he is going through puberty with the moods and attitudes.

If one child was not crying or screaming, another one was yelling for me to look at this or that stunt on the skateboard or wanting praise over a video game. Adam has learned to scream just because he feels like it. Aurea and Keeper just want attention.

During supper I felt like I was waiting tables again. Each child wanted something different and wanted to be picky. They all wanted something different to drink. After everyone was settled (or so I thought), they needed various condiments.

After supper, they took turns making messes. At one point, the boys went outside to roll around in the mud and become completely disguisting. Adam thought he didn't need a shower after that. Hunter wanted a milkshake. Aurea was tired. Keeper refused to lay down. Finally, Aurea went to bed, Adam agreed to shower (after a nice long lecture), Hunter sat down to a movie, and I rocked Keeper to sleep.

I love all four children, but it was a very chaotic, stressful evening. I could not imagine having to deal with all of that plus sports and stuff on a daily basis. Therefore, I am even more grateful to only have two children. I also send out my deepest admiration to those with four, six, etc. children who are able to do that daily!


Damama T said...

AAcK! Sounds wild! glad you survived. and I totally agree with you. More than 2 at a time and I'd be in the nut house now! LOL!

Lisa said...

LOL Well I do have to say when even one of ours is gone for something, it sure seems a lot less chaotic. But, it's not so bad most days with 6 when they are all your own. Only adding one child at a time to the family (not that we were given that choice LOL) makes it easier also. My hat goes off to those parent of multiples.
Glad you survived it with out an emergency room visit or any major destruction though. ;)

Valarie said...

Ha! Mine are 7, 5, 3 and 9 months. I have jsut accepted the fact that my life is chaotic and crazy and so am I. :)